February 03, 2011

Happy Birthday Mami

Today is my mother's birthday. I know that some folks out there find me helpful, amusing and well behaved -- at least generally speaking.

If you are one of those folks, then one would have to thank Mimi Martinez for all her patience, love, care and courage during my upbringing. Have a very Happy Birthday Mom!

I am hoping to complete all of the prerequisites that Apple Corporation requires before allowing applications to be distributed on the Mac App Store. I will be publishing a version of MilDotCalc for Mac OS X. Some of you have already use versions of MilDotCalc on Maemo (Nokia N770), Windows desktop OS and Linux versions.

This latest version is written in Objective-C. I really wanted to write it using the very Sexy MonoMac, but I felt that I had to experience Objective-C sufficiently before using more of the amazing Mono on yet another computing platform.

Next stop will be a version of MilDotCalc on iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad), followed by a version release on Android -- looking forward to dust off my Java skills from yesteryear.

All this computer programming has happen during the very brief moments that I can squeeze in between my 12 to 14 hour days as an Active Duty US Air Force Security Forces Ground Combat Skills Instructor.

I recently got back from Dobbins Air Reserve Base where I was teaching the Law Enforcement Emergency Response to Active Shooter Situations. Will be traveling next to California and later on to Ohio for more anti-active shooter training.

I am a very public, transparent and vocal person by nature. However, since I have been activated as a Security Forces Instructor, I have had to keep my communications to a very minimum. I guess is sort of like "The first rule of Fight Club".

If all goes well, I will either serve out my active duty orders through Aug 2011 or cut them short and return to my very, very missed life as a geeky computer programmer. Hey employers, for a limited time I will jump on-board your IT staff for as little as $70K a year! An operator is standing by...

Anyway, I will write again soon.

Posted by martinf at February 3, 2011 06:07 AM