March 24, 2010

Spring Update

In the past 40 days or so, I have been working pretty steady with some ASP.NET version of MFConsulting's Website. I am also converting a Maemo application that I had done using Mono to a version suitable for Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional. The application is MilDotCalc and I may actually try to use the Microsoft Market Place to sell it. We will see how that goes. The new acquisition that prompted my renewed interest in the .NET Compact Framework is the HTC Pure mobile phone that I picked up from AT&T on-line store for 1 penny. I don't know of amy other smart phone deals (or at least a phone I would care to own and program for) that would be that inexpensive.

It never fails... No sooner do I pick up a set of ARCv orders -- good for 6 months -- that I receive two different contracting opportunities doing Mono! On the one hand I am very frustrated that I can't take advantage of these two gigs, but on the other hand it is very cool that more Mono related work is finding me.

Ever since I joined the Air Force Reserve I have been delaying my completion of an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice given by the Air University's Community College of the Air Force. No, I am not trying to find a job in government or civilian law enforcement, but there is no such thing as to many degrees or credentials. Therefore, back in January of 2010, I enrolled at Tarrant County College to pursue the completion of three classes (one writing, one speech and one math) to obtain the before mentioned degree.

I am only taking one class this semester (Fundamentals of Speech), to get acclimated to the work during the day go to school at night routine. It is going very well. I have a surprising amount of home work for that one class but it is not too difficult.

Finally got around to see the movie United 93 (directed by Paul Greengrass). It was tragic and left us thinking a lot about how much my life and the world as a whole has changed since September 11, 2001. I also watched Bloody Sunday, and Green Zone -- both also from director Paul Greengrass.. I liked the films very much. The Green Zone over simplifies quite a bit the events that led to the state of affairs in which Iraq finds itself today. However, I think that the spirit of the story is correct and I recommend some of my teenage friends and military co-workers to watch it.

Posted by martinf at March 24, 2010 09:46 AM