February 24, 2022

While tasked to create the easy button...

While tasked to create the Easy Button, I became a Morlock that now has a steady diet of GenZ Elois.

I am currently writing a WPF GUI tool that will permit you to intake any SQL Server Query (T-SQL) and will handle every resultset that it outputs. Not to display the tabular data in the output, but rather, the DataTable schemas of that output. Then, generate C# Model classes (*.cs files) – and hopefully, will also end up code generating simple ADO.NET Interfaces with implementations as Repository classes that are tailored made for consuming the original query.

The project is coming along quite nicely, but as I was about to continue doing the required pending tasks, I came across a fascinating article and matching Podcast, that just simply blew my mind, and has me rethinking the meaning of my life, as well as the direction I thought I needed to continue.

Seriously, this is some Time Machine Eloi (Generation Z) vs. Morlocks (maybe Boomers?) kind of dystopian future that I thought would not come about until the year AD 802,701. Well, it is a good thing (I guess) that it is here now, being how World War III is maybe upon us, along with catastrophic climate change, pandemics, and Sharknado, we may need to have this H.G. Wells vision materialize NOW.

Do check the article, as well as the Podcast:

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