March 07, 2006

Mono and Medsphere

Last week I spent some time at the Medsphere offices in Aliso Viejo California. Medsphere has been one of the corporations that has been using the Gtk# Installers for .NET Framework that I produce as part of the Windows version of one of their flagship products. The purpose of my trip was to get to know the company's management, the development team and to gain a better understanding of how they are using Mono/Gtk# in their product development strategy.

Wow! I was blown away from what I saw and learned. Keep in mind that I just spent close to three years working for a company that specializes on creating Internet based solutions for the health care industry. Medsphere has taken the Veterans Administration VistA, a complete clinical application software system, and have produced a totally hot product line that should make health care, hospital and clinical operations easier and better for interested participants anywhere in the US as well as internationally. The client side software is completely written with Mono and there are other pieces between their server side services that are written with Mono as well. It is not up to me to tell the detailed Medsphere story but trust me when I tell you that they have a sweet thing going!

I want to thank Steve Shreeve, Ben Mehling, and Feyzi Fatehi for their invitation and for their hospitality. From their development team, I met Anthony, Brad, John, Art, Robert and Chris. Great talented fellows that I hope I can stay in contact with -- specially Brad, Anthony and Chris.

Then there is Peter Johanson (latexter)! Peter and I have collaborated over IRC for quite some time now, so being able to see him at work and spend time after hours visiting some of the Costa Mesa scene was one of the highlights of my trip. Peter is also a member of the Medsphere software development team were he puts a lot of the Mono/Gtk# magic to work.

We even managed to hook up with Jackson Harper. Jackson, Peter and I spend my last night over in Orange County touring fine dinning places like Haus of Pizza and followed by visits to a few cool pubs. I understand that there is a picture of me sitting in the now famous Horse chair in Peter's apartment, but no, I did not seat in both of Pete's couches.

My only regret is that I did not manged to meet with Todd Berman, but I have a feeling that I will have more opportunities to travel to California in a not too distant future.

Thank you very much Steve and best regards to you and your family!

Posted by martinf at March 7, 2006 10:30 AM