October 19, 2012

Make a Kitten Purr with Oracle's Commitment to Mono

For the past 8 months now, I have been contracting for a Fortune 500 company. I "whistle while I work" on hybrid systems that include Microsoft Servers, Solaris, AIX, AD, LDAP, lots of Oracle, lots of .NET, some Java and lately, a good amount of iOS/Objective-C.

In typical Paco form, I insist on bringing Mono and Linux into the fold. I am quite happy and contempt -- for now. However, one thing that is still sorely needed, is an unencumbered, 100% managed and totally platform independent .NET Oracle data provider.

Imagine my excitement when I received some email from Oracle trumpeting their new Beta Oracle Managed Data Provider! It took me little time to reach a new low after having reached such a peek as I realized that this new driver does not seem to work with Mono.

Well, there might be a forum to petition for a solution to the above:

Feature request (Support ODP.NET on Mono) awaiting community votes

When I voted, there were only 150 entries. Really? Come on Monitos, give it your ALL and upvote this sucker so that everyone can see just how much interest there is in the Mono project.

Thank you in advance for your participation...

Posted by martinf at October 19, 2012 09:31 AM