January 05, 2007

Off to Training Part I

Today, I head out to my US Air Force Reserve annual tour. I will be away from Internet connectivity for at least 17 days. I will see you all when I get back.

Daniel Morgan has been doing some very interesting things with Sql# GTK. His changes can be found on SVN (trunk/sqlsharpgtk). He should be the one giving you more details but I have been pretty exited about some additions to the application:

  • autotools build system -- this should facilitate realigning sqlsharpgtk under mono-tools (Paco's suggestion, hint, hint)

  • multiple result set handling -- Say you are connected to Sybase or MS SQL Server data source and you do something like exec sp_help tblCRM_FeedBack

Sybase Connection

SQL Server Connection

Posted by martinf at January 5, 2007 07:05 AM