January 01, 2006

Choosing a runtime for your .NET App while in Windows

Almost a year ago, we gave a presentation to what was then the Plano .NET User Group. Some of the highlights of that evening were captured on video. A CD size download was later put together -- with a lot of trouble and thanks to the generosity of community members -- we managed to distribute it to a lot of folks. My good friend Erik Dasque commented then that he thought it would be even better if we could create some flash presentations of what we had on the CD.

Meanwhile, back at the [Mono-hispano] mailing list... A few folks had an ongoing discussion about launching a .NET application but ensuring it would be handled by the mono runtime. This one fellow, not knowing any better, was describing a way of creating more batch files to launch applications in Windows. The wise Mario Carrion came to the rescue pointing out that a lot of this had already been thought about and that a work around existed called the "mono Runtime Seletor" (a.k.a MonoLaunch). The one guy then pointed out that it was all nice and great but, there seem to be no documentation on how to employ this "MonoLaunch".

This has prompted me to put together a few descriptive pages along with some brief videos that can further depict the use of VSPrj2make#, MonoLaunch and a couple of other new developments like availability of Gnome# in the Experimental Mono Combined Installer for Windows.



Posted by martinf at January 1, 2006 11:24 AM