March 04, 2005

Review of the Mono Presentation at PDNUG

The Mono presentation that we did for the Plano .NET User Group (PDNUG), was a smashing success.

While I am at it, let me give thanks and credit to the appropriate folks:

Jason Alexander, Wade Wright and the rest of the PDNUG directive for their hospitality and help during the event. My Healthvision co-workers and ex-co-workers like Kyle Davis, John Lightfoot, Geoffery Cruz and my new friend Paul Stephenson. Eric Sowell, and Corry Smith also brought friends and enthusiast a long with them and help me setup and take down my mini Data Center that I took to Plano Library. Then there was Scott Dockendorff that gets to be in two groups now (ex-co-worker/NDDNUG Officer :-D ).

Our on-site primate contingent consisted of Erik Dasque, Joseph Hill, Zac Bowling and myself. It is very important to note that Geoff Norton (Kangaroo), Paolo Molaro (Lupus), Todd Berman and Daniel Morgan were very significant in the preparations leading to the presentation.

To all of you thank you!

The audience was a very interested and smart group of .NET Developers that was never dull and asked very intelligent questions!

Maria and I had put together some 30 CDs (The Paco Special Mono for Windows and Cygwin disk) and when we were wrapping up the event and we rolled into the night's door prices the participants came to the table and in less than two minutes we had ran out of disks. (For all of you that did not get one I will create a mechanism in my MFConsulting site so that you can put in a mailing address and we later mail it to you). Erik also dispensed two copies of our Mono Developers Notebook without any problems!

A more detailed description of the presentation is available here.

I also figured that people may care to see the rest of the slides that we did not get around to show, so here is the OpenOffice version of the prestntation (I will converted into a PPT later).

Posted by martinf at March 4, 2005 05:08 AM

Nice, Paco. But I did find the extended notes lacking on the subjects of questions presented by the audience and their overall feeling about Mono after the presentation. Did you guys run some small survey to gauge that? Thank you for sharing the experience with us...

Twice I was invited to do similar presentations for .NET User Groups here in Brazil, just to have it cancelled days before the event, without explanation... But on my presentations at Free and Open Source Software events I always have interested audiences, even when competing for attention with such hot presentations as those related to Java and PHP.

Hope more people cross, or even better bridge, the chasm in developerland... And I see your efforts as instrumental to make it happen...

Thanks again, Paco, Zac, Joseph, Erik and the all the other fine people spreading the news about Mono.

Posted by: Monoman at March 5, 2005 08:44 AM

Hey Paco,
Great job the other night at PDNUG. Just wanted to see if you could keep me posted as to when you might have some more of those CDs available. Numerous people have contacted us asking if you left us with any extras, and I would love to have one my-self. Again, great job and we hope you can make it to our meetings again!

Posted by: Jim Martin at March 5, 2005 09:13 AM