August 01, 2004

Installing Gtk# libraries in the Microsoft GAC

The world of community collaboration has produced a nice tutorial on how to register the Gtk# assemblies included in the combined Mono installer for Windows into the Microsoft .NET Framework GAC. The text is good and contains some good tips that are useful when learning how to install strongly named libraries into the MS GAC and other trouble shooting techniques.

The tutorial was inspired by an IRC session we had yesterday and is courtesy of Mikko Korkalo (F-Solutions Oy).

The tutorial is available here:

The transcript of the IRC session (in case we have forgotten to document something) can be found here:

Depending on how much time Maria and Monica decide to donate to the community this Sunday, I may be making some very simple examples of Gtk# and Glade applications for MS .NET Framework using the techniques covered in the tutorial.

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Posted by martinf at August 1, 2004 04:58 AM