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Web Report Automation and Administration System(WRAAS)

The WRAAS is a collection of software components to simplify the publishing of information in an enterprise. It has been designed for the Internet and company Intranets. The output of this system, can equip the decision makers and all authorized users in the workplace with the information they need.

The WRAAS is available in a standard or enterprise version.

Features and Benefit

  • Simplifies the process of report creation
  • Automates maintenance tasks
    • Publishing of reports
    • Link maintenance
  • Institutes performance metrics for report execution and delivery
  • Generates report usage and access audit trails
  • Unifies the access to all RDBMS within the enterprise
  • Can be used to integrate the Software development request system with the development tools

Simplify the process of report creation

  • Use a single tool to write thedatabase query statement, define user selectable parameters forms, programmer defined edit controls, test databasefunctionality and HTML output appearance.
  • HTML knowledge not required!

Automated maintenance task

  • Report Publishing and Link Maintenance
    • The WRAAS keeps a repository of all reports that are published with it, so it is easy to modify any report by revisiting it in the IDE
    • A published Reports Menu is automatically generated, which includes "clickable" links to all "On-Line" reports

Institute metrics for performance applications

  • All reports log the beginning date/time and duration of their execution
  • Usage analysis can be performed by requester, report category and or frequency of request.


  • The WRAAS maintains a detail log for all of the information that is accessed through it. It records:
    • WRAAS Account name
    • Report Title
    • Date/Time of Use
    • IP Address of client workstation that accessed the report
  • In the event of an excessive count of unsuccessful attempts to log-on, the offended account locks up. It then records the server time/date, IP address of the offender and the account in question.

Unify the access to all RDBMS within the enterprise

  • The System uses Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard as the mechanism for the database access. Therefore, if the Web Application Server has an ODBC Data Source Name configured for a particular database system, the WRAAS can query and generate reports from that source

Integrates with the Software Development Request System

  • The WRAAS can associate a report record with a Software Development Request ID number, or a project tracking number. This facilitates the reporting, progress tracking and aids in the software development project documentation


  • These reporting tools can be used as a decision support system by managers, programmers, system administrators, etc
  • It can be made available to corporate intranets, extranets, as well as the Internet

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