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If you use Notepad, the text editor included with Microsoft’s operating systems, you may want to checkout PEdit. PEdit has been designed to supercede the text editing functionality of Notepad while adding a number of other features that can be useful to programmers.

PEdit brings a lot of the functionality of MS Visual Studio’s text editor in a small affordable package that resembles MS Notepad! The color coding syntax of text in the editing window, the print preview and the ability to correctly display both paragraphs terminated by LF (UNIX) and CR/LF (MS DOS) should make PEdit fall in your must have category.

Basic Information


  • Multiple Win32 platform support
  • Multiple Document Interface
  • Support for Unicode on Win NT, 2000, XP
  • Color coded language syntax for (C, C++, C#, VB, IDL, XML, T-SQL, JavaScript, and others)
  • Easy insertion of comment blocks, personalized information and date/time
  • Supports book marking
  • Easy "go to" dialogs to jump to any line in the document being edited
  • Word count
  • Print preview
  • Can correctly display LF and CR/LF terminated text
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