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Open Source

Open Source means source code that is available for scrutiny. However, the term can also be associated with software methodologies and even, individual lifestyles based on freedom of choice and cooperation.

MFConsulting has been captivated by all things Open Source and since 2003 has based its internal IT infrastructure on Open Source software and methodologies.

Over 85% of the consultancy offered by Francisco T. Martinez revolves around Open Source. This offerings are composed of custom software development, training, architectural design and/or analysis.

The Mono Project, an Open Source implementation of the .NET Framework, has become the main focus of research and development at MFConsulting. Specifically, the implementation of Mono on the Windows platform.


Mono Combined Installer for Windows - The Mono Combined Installer for Windows provides the easiest way to deploy and employ all the technologies associated with the Mono Project on the Windows platform. It gives users access to the Mono libraries, compilers, documentation, tools, Gtk#, XSP and more.


Gtk# Installers for .NET - provides the necessary components to develop and run managed .NET Framework applications that use a GTK+ front end via the Gtk# libraries.


Prj2Make# - Enables developers to read a solution file (*.sln) produced with Visual Studio .NET 2003 and generate a makefile suitable for compilation with mcs.exe or csc.exe. The resulting makefiles can be tuned for Windows (nmake.exe) and *NIX (gmake).

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