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MFConsulting Moihang for Windows and Linux

A fun game for the whole family. Moihang is based on the classic word guessing game of Hangman. The current version was written using Mono WinForms which enables the application to run on computers that use Microsoft Windows outfitted with .NET Framework 1.1 or higher and Linux computers outfitted with Mono 1.25 or higher.

An effort was made to create a code base that could target lowest common denominator hardware and software dependencies. The executable contained in the Windows Installer was compiled using Visual Studio 2003 and therefore uses .NET Framework 1.1. The Linux versions were build in Linux using Mono 1.2.5 on openSUSE 10.3.

Moihang in Linux

The program uses xml files as its data source and is capable of playing wave files in Windows and wave and/or au files in Linux. a choice was made to Platform/Invoke winmm.dll to play sounds because it uses .NET 1.1 on Windows. That motivated me to create a native library in Linux that could bring parity and maintain API similarity.

The Linux library use to provide sound file playback is another creation of MFConsulting. Named afileplay, this sound library is essentially a modification of the ALSA utils program called aplay.

Basic Information


  • Free of charge and Open Source
  • User selected sound clips for gameplay events
  • User configurable word list
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Last modified Jul 1, 2009